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Bryan & JoAnne Swihart are the owners and head trainers for the Off Leash K9 Training program in Peachtree City, Smyrna, Athens, Columbus, and Augusta. We moved to the Atlanta area to settle near family after opening successful locations in Charlottesville, Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bryan is an Army veteran with multiple deployments; while deployed he was impressed with military working dog’s impeccable obedience training and high level of confidence enabling them to be the most well trained canines in the world. Bryan has a lifelong love of dogs starting with his first dog “Squeak,” who used to sleep under his crib every night. He has owned and trained a wide assortment of dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to Pitbulls; including his current comrades, a Rejected Labradoodle, American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, and the newest addition a German Shepherd Hound Mix. Bryan has a special love for “Bully Breeds” and wants to empower people to showcase what wonderfully loyal and loving dogs they really are. After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, he can now focus where his passion is. With a degree in business and finance giving him a solid small business foundation, with the precision and passion needed to transform your dog from unruly to obedient, frightened to confident, timid to content.

JoAnne’s passion is transforming fearful and anxious pups into stable confident members of the family! This passion began 4 years ago while fostering an extremely fearful young pup, who soon became a beloved member of the family.  Obedience training helped transform the dog from a dog who was terrified of people to a super snuggle bug and constant companion for their 2 year old son. JoAnne has background in business and biological research and left her corporate career to join her husband in running Off Leash K9 Training, Georgia full time 2 years ago.

Bryan and JoAnne are thrilled to bring Off Leash K9 Training to Georgia, specializing in the same obedience training techniques used by the military and law enforcement. This style of training encompasses his core beliefs and philosophy of consistency, fairness, and crystal clear communication that will turn your dog into a well behaved member of society in any situation.

Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)

Obedience training Atlanta

Brett Lawrence has been working with animal shelters and training dogs for almost a decade, having now dealt with thousands of dogs he understand more than most that all dogs are NOT the same! Dog training was something that came natural to Brett at a very young age which developed in to his passion; he now specializes in aggressive and fearful dogs. These are the dogs that give him the most satisfaction once the training is complete, because of all of the hard work he has to put in. He is also the owner of a raw natural dog food company called Native K9 Diet link>>(www.nativek9diet.com)<<link Check out his website for more info.

John Slemp, a native of East Tennessee, grew up with a love for dogs and a passion for education. From childhood through college, John owned and trained several different breeds from miniature Dachshunds to Doberman Pinschers. After completing Basic and Advanced Lessons through Off Leash K9 Training, John and his German Shepherd, Nyla, experienced the amazing results of this training method. Inspired by OLK9 methodology and building upon his background in education, John is dedicated to helping other dog owners develop a well-mannered, obedient dog of their own.

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