What is the most important command? | Dog Trainer Atlanta

I had a great laugh today at Off Leash K9 Training, Atlanta. During a call I was told that they had just finished “6 months plus” of obedience classes at a “large pet store chain” where they were told to … Continue reading

Exercise Relieves Many Behavioral Issues | Atlanta Dog Trainer

I would say at a minimum, half of the dogs that visit Off Leash K9 Training, Atlanta are showing behavioral issues due to lack of exercise (physical and/or mental). This is not necessarily the owners fault. Most of us can … Continue reading

Dog Park Alternatives for Socialization | Atlanta Obedience Training

I cringe every-time my clients start a sentence with “So we were at the the dog park”! At best they say how annoyed they were that no one was paying attention to their own dog and some dog kept mounting … Continue reading

Notes on our E-Collar | Off Leash K9 Training, Atlanta

I believe the hardest thing for my new clients to remember after the first lesson in Smyrna or Peachtree City is all the functions on the remote. While I would rather you remember as much as you can about the … Continue reading

How to Potty Train Your Puppy in 2 Weeks!

While training up in Smyrna yesterday I was approached by an individual seeking advice about potty training. They said it took them 5-7 months to potty train their last puppy! I understand this is not the norm but potty training … Continue reading