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Highly recommend it !!!

OMG what can I say.
Every lesson, it shows more and more that the dog can already do this stuff and it is us the Humans that need the training to get it out of them. It is truly amazing how our trainer Mike Trimble was able to just get a simple command into the pup and, make him really *want* to do the command. The real practice we need to do is our own consistency because the dogs surely can do it.
I liked off-leash K9 cause we have a busy life and we could have them come to our house on Saturday morning, and include everyone in the family in the training process. mike brought props for things like ‘place’ but also was easily able to leverage stuff around the house to incorporate in the training.
We had to postpone two lessons because our puppy cut his paw in the backyard and was wearing the cone of shame, and this was no problem for Mike, and he just rescheduled.
Highly recommend it !!!

Hoogs 12  //  Verified Google Review

best investment I've made

Where do I even begin - this was the best investment I've made in a very long time. Mike Trimble was my Great Dane puppy's (Wrigley) trainer and he was absolutely amazing. Not only was he a great trainer for Wrigley, he was an amazing teacher for me. Made me a better dog owner!
They are not kidding when they say after one lesson. A totally different pup! Wrigley went from a puppy that had a sever case of selective listening to a pup that was attentive, confident, and well behaved. Do yourself a favor and invest! Oh, and ask for Mike!

Tom Hewetson  //  Verified Google Review

worth every penny! 

We are so thankful for Off Leash and the trainers who work there. Our pup went for the two week board and train and he came back an entirely new dog! Before he wouldn't listen to basic commands like sit or stay, but once he came back, he could sit, stay, lie down, place, heel, without hesitation. It was seriously worth every penny!  And everyone at the company is so friendly and accommodating.

Alison Maloof  //  Verified Google Review

Thank you to the crew!

I cannot say better things about this place. After a mugging incident my pit mix went out of control with anxiety. I couldn't walk him without him barking and acting aggressive with people and other dogs. Thanks to my trainer John my dog is now LISTENING to me. He always knew basic obedience, but listening to me when there are distractions around was a huge issue. I'm so happy that I brought my dog here. Thank you to the crew!

Laila Zaki //  Verified Google Review

 impressed by the advancements 

I've been impressed by the advancements our maltipoo puppy Finn as made after 4 weeks of basic training and 1 week (so far) of advanced training.  Finn began the training at 7 months of age.  Finn's trainer has been Greg at the PTC location.  He is very patient and has always informed me what he is doing, why he is doing it, and what I should do to reinforce the training.  I highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training.

Paul Birkhead  //  Verified Google Review

I highly recommend them!

JoAnn and Bryan do miracles!  I’ve had 4 German Shepherds prior to my current one. Jax was 10 months old and already 80 lbs when I dropped him off for his 2 week boarding.  I have always been able to handle my GSD’s but as I am getting older, and my health is not as good as it used to be, Jax was getting too strong for me.  The purpose I got Jax was for him to be my service dog for mobility, but he needs to have his obedience training first.  I did some research, read their reviews and OffLeash seemed to stand out above the rest.  When I talked to JoAnn, I let her know that I am very picky with the care and feeding of my dogs and would they be able to abide by that.  You see, I feed my dogs RAW food and some people can’t handle it. I supplied her with the full 2 weeks food which had to be frozen and rotated to be thawed at the correct time, vitamins and supplements, and favorite toys he liked to play with.   She assured me that all my concerns would be followed and not to worry.  During his 2 weeks, every other day, we received photos and/or videos plus a updated email of his progress and what they did and any silly things he did etc.... Like the first morning, Jax woke them up at 5:00 am with a loud sqeaky toy....oops.  Fast forward 2 weeks, I have a new, well behaved dog.  He still likes to test me every now and then, but I apply the training they gave him and myself and it is an immediate correction.  He’s still a puppy and they have to have their silly time, Jax has his down pretty good. We both agree his best command he learned is “DOWN”!  My boy can be kinda lazy!
So would I recommend this company with your beloved family member?  HECK YES!!  These guys are incredible, always responsive when contacted, explains everything until you are satisfied, and most importantly, treats you dog like it was their very own. I highly recommend them!!

Kathleen Koch  //  Verified Google Review

I would give it a 5-Star rating.

Our dog was all muscle and would drag me in the woods, jump up on you or anything of that nature. We checked out the facility and then one week later Luna's first lesson . Jessie was her trainer and in one lesson made all the difference in the world.. She listens to commands and now is not pulling. Two more lessons to go. It is all one on one training which makes all the difference.

Richard Healy  //  Verified Facebook Review

Very friendly and knowledgeable

They give out lots of good information during puppy training.  John was very friendly and knowledgeable.    We look forward to talking our dog back for basic obedience, when he's old enough.

 jradich1234 //  Verified Google Review

training was so worth it

We did the two week board and train for our Vizala Sophie.  At first I was hesitant because I didnt want to change her sweet personality.  When she came home after the two weeks her personality was exactly the same, but the only difference is now she obeys commands.

For us, the training was so worth it because now she can play in the woods off leash.  Her recall is 100% regardless of the distraction, so there are no worries while she's having fun.  Also, she no longer jumps on or irritates guests that come to our house.  We tell her to place on a bench in our kitchen and she'll stay there until released.

Overall the training was worth every penny and I'd definitely recommend Off Leash K9 Training 

George Rollins  // Verified Google Review

dedicated and effective trainers

First and foremost - I worked with several different trainers from Off Leash Atlanta, and without exception, I found them to be passionate professionals who had a genuine interest in making the training experience great for both me and the dog. At each session I was asked if there was anything specific they could help us with, and regardless of whether my answer was related to that week's lesson or not, I was given a clear and honest answer. They provided instant feedback and tips during training that became invaluable over the course of the program. Their fair approach to training - not punitive, not overly reward-based - is balanced, easy to live with, and sensible. They've assembled a team of amazing folks who are dedicated and effective trainers.

I trained at the Smyrna facility (Dogma) and their grounds were not only convenient for me and well kept, but their staff was friendly and the location provided some much-needed distraction to train alongside with the comings-and-goings of their clients and kennel noise. Training in a controlled environment but with real world situations close at hand was key to our progress.

As to the effectiveness of the training itself - I couldn't be more pleased with the results. My confidence and ability as a handler has increased dramatically. My dog's personality, warmth and love for life hasn't changed a bit. I'm now able to take the dog into unfamiliar situations with little worry and full control. My commands and expectations are clear and the dog is happy to meet them, and she's even excited when the e-collar comes out and rushes to put it on. The staff of Off Leash Atlanta provided us with a solid obedience foundation, a healthy and fair-minded mental approach to training, and the tools I need to continue working with my awesome dog.

Off Leash Atlanta has earned my deep appreciation, sincere respect, full support, and my highest recommendation. They have had such a positive impact on our daily lives, and they can surely help you do the same.

Mike T.  //  Verified Google Review

Amazing job training 

Our 5yr old Husky who we we're told by many people that was not trainable! We use the tools we we're taught to keep him in line and behaviors appropriate. Thank you!

Cindi Schram  //  Verified Google Review

Great Class!

Ryan did a great job explaining the commands, what he was doing and what we need to do to reinforce what our dog Mindy was learning. Great class and we will be signing up for continued training in obedience

Tiffany Wing  //  Verified Google Review

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